The SoCal Hiker Six-Pack of Peaks

There are 6 peaks located in Southern California that this guy listed and challenged, and you can find more information at his website located here. He goes into each hike with great details that really prepare you so you know what to expect. And a few weeks ago, I finally completed them! And here they are in order:

1 Mt Wilson
Distance: 14 miles
Elevation: 5710′
Vertical Gain: 4200′

This was the second hike that I completed, and despite it being long it was a relatively easy hike. It was also super cloudy and misty that day, so great hiking weather. There was a cool waterfall in the beginning and the top is kind of anticlimatic with observatories that you can drive to. There wasn’t really a peak, and it was too foggy to see any nice views.



2 Cucamonga Peak
Distance: 11.6 miles
Elevation: 8859′
Vertical Gain: 4300′

I remember this hike having nice trails going up and the top was very scenic. It started to feel long on the way down, I remember running down thinking it should be right around this corner just to find more trail. But the view on top was very cool looking out on the city below.



3. Mt. Baldy
Distance: 10.2 miles
Elevation: 10064′
Vertical Gain: 3900′

This was the first hike of the 6 that I did, before I even heard about this challenge. I remember the last few miles getting to the top was very difficult, but the terrain/views along this hike was awesome. At this one point along the hike, my friend and I challenged each other to do push-ups. There was this group near us with an older lady, she must have been 60 or so, and she’s like oh yea? I’ll join and did push-ups with us haha. It was very humbling and made me excited that I’ll still be able to do fun adventures when I’m old. If I remember correctly, it was also a bit cold on the top.



4. San Bernardino Peak
Distance: 16.5 miles
Elevation: 10649′
Vertical Gain: 4702′

We went up this hike surprisingly fast at a really good pace. The last three miles or so were covered in snow on one side, so we had to go offtrail and just hiked up towards where we thought the peak was. There was a lot of snow too! We met this guy named Larry along the way who was a local, so while most people turned back around, my friends and Larry continued up offtrail. And that was tough, climbing up on soft dirt that would slide back down a few inches every time you took a step. But eventually, we made it to the top and we were the only ones! I’m definitely glad we kept going up and didn’t turn around!


5. Mt. San Jacinto
Distance: 11.4 miles
Elevation: 10834′
Vertical Gain: 4689′

This hike was pretty tough because of the elevation. I was definitely feeling tired and slowed down when I was reaching near the top. There was a little bit of snow along the way which was cool. And it turns out you can take a tram up there! I’m all out of breath while all these people are climbing up over the boulders to get to the top. The top was very scenic and beautiful, it would have been more enjoyable if it weren’t so crowded.


6. San Gorgonio
Distance: 17.3 miles
Elevation: 11503′
Vertical Gain: 5840′

The only hike where I got a permit, although no one checked along the way. San Gorgonio, the highest peak in socal!! Hike up wasn’t too bad, it felt pretty quick. The first two miles were the toughest so it was nice to get that over with early on. It was a cool day so the weather was in our favor. The last three miles were freezing! So windy and foggy, I’m glad I brought my windbreaker. Not much of a view on top due to the fog, and it was too cold to stay up there for too long. Drizzled a bit on the way down, but luckily we were almost to the car.


BOOM!! And there you go, now I challenge you to these 6 amazing peaks!!




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